American Roach

Usually between 1 – 1/2” long with red-brown wings, American cockroaches like to fly outside. They are scavengers with a special taste for warm damp places, water and alcoholic beverages. They like to eat decaying organic matter.


Brown-banded Roach

Brown-banded Roaches are brown with stripes across their body. They can grow to a length of 1.25” as an adult and look similar to that of an American Roach. However, this roach does not have the yellow stripe around its pronotum like that of an American Roach.


German Roach

About the same size as Brown-Banded Roaches, the German cockroaches have two brown stripes running the length of their wings. They love fermented foods and venture outside during the warmer months. Without control, one pair of German roaches can expand to more than 2 million in less than a year.


Oriental Roach

Dark brown and about 1” long. Oriental cockroaches seek out warm damp areas indoors. They flourish in basements and storage areas where they can stay close to the ground. They eat decaying organic matter and prefer starches.